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Ocean Sole’s 2017 Results Are In!

Ocean Sole’s 2017 results are in and boy oh boy have you helped us achieve some brilliant things!

Here at Ocean Sole we measure ourselves a little differently. We don’t get too bogged down with profits and bottom lines. We focus more on the good stuff we’ve managed to achieve for others and the environment through people buying our art work.

We’ve just got the 2017 results in and thanks to your sculpture purchases we have managed to achieve some wonderful things. I’m going to call out 6 big wins but rest assured there are more. I hope they’ll bring a smile if you contributed by buying a sculpture or supporting us in some other way.

Win # 1

In 2017 we paid coastal communities in Kenya to collect 520,000 flipflops. That’s a 30% increase on the 400,000 we collected in 2016. It’s also 120,000 additional flip flops that won’t break down into micro-plastics in the oceans or end up forming a barrier to turtle hatchlings trying to reach the sea!

Win # 2

We have increased the number of full time employees in our Social Enterprise from 50 to 72. Our principal objectives are to clean up the oceans and to provide much-needed employment in Kenya. A 44% increase in the number of employees is a fantastic result and we’re over the moon! In October we opened a second carving centre on the coast at Malindi due to increased demand for our products and in time we hope to open more.

Win #3

We now have 6 employees who have children finishing Primary School. That’s not a free of charge gig in Kenya and requires very real sacrifice on behalf of parents. The key to sorting out so many problems on planet earth is education and we’re all for helping facilitate that for children.

Win #4

3 of our employees now have a son or a daughter at university. Whilst this may not sound like a high percentage, it’s a number we hope will increase in years to come and it would not be possible if those children had to work to support their parents.

Win #5

One of the benefits of working for Ocean Sole is a free hot meal. For some it is the only hot meal they will have in the day. In 2017 we served over 16,800 hot meals to our employees. That’s not counting the day each month when the team’s birthdays are celebrated with cake and a get together!

Win #6

In 2017 Ocean Sole Kenya educated over 1,000 kids about our story and ocean plastics in general. That’s 1,000 additional little eco warriors out there inspired by our Art and aware of the effect plastics have on marine life when discarded inappropriately.

So all in all a pretty good set of “results” and none of it would have been possible without you.

If you would like to purchase a piece to support our cause then head to our shop at

For any other inquiries, (perhaps you want to commission a master piece 🙂 ) then please get in touch through

Thank you and please keep on building those collections – they’re doing a lot of good!

6 thoughts on “Ocean Sole’s 2017 Results Are In!

  1. conniemacdonald says:

    I think what you do and continue to do is amazingly wonderful. The art work is fantastic and imaginative. Please congratulate all those who spend their days sculpting and all those ladies who spend each day on the beaches collecting all the old flip flops. Making something beautiful out of something so ugly is so good. We now need ideas to transform throw-away-plastics found on the beaches all around the world.

    I have just bought two medium sized giraffes which I look forward to displaying in our home and hope that it will encourage my friends and family to buy some things from your shop as well. I am celebrating my birthday soon and may hope to gather enough money to buy either your elephant head or the large zebra.


    1. Mark Dougal says:

      Thank you so much Connie – that means a lot! I will be sure to pass it on and I’ll get your giraffes off to you tomorrow. If you go ahead with the Ellie head or Zebra email me and I’ll be sure to include a birthday gift as well! You’re a star, thank you x

  2. Edith robso says:

    I think you are doing a great job . Your art work is inspirational so not only are you encouraging artistic talent, you are helping the people and their children and thereby the country. I wish I were 30 years youngs, I would be looking to have a shop and sell these. My very best wishes for the future.

    1. Mark Dougal says:

      Thanks so much Edith, and thank you for your order today – you’re making it all happen! 💚❤️💛

  3. Vivien mainey says:

    Wow only just found your work – outstanding!!!!
    So fantastic on so many levels the environment, your community, your skills.
    I will share you far and wide my friend.
    Here to a fabulous 2019 for you 🥰🥰🥰

    1. Mark Dougal says:

      Why thank you Vivien!

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