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Show and Tell!

Many of our customers buy sculptures for their children to use in “show and tell” classes at school.

We’ve been told the sculptures work really well as a talking point in this environment. We’ve also been told  it would be really cool if we could provide Mums and Dads with a short list of facts about the sculptures. That ways their children can mention them when talking about the sculpture.

We’re here to help so there are 11 facts below to choose from!

If you would like to buy a sculpture head over to our shop – we ship first class tracked the following working day (or by courier for larger items) and prices start at £14:


Facts for Show and Tell

  1. The sculpture is made out of recycled flip flops by Ocean Sole.
  2. We collected 520,000 flip flops off the beaches of Kenya (in Africa) last year. They were washed up onto the beaches by the sea.
  3. Flip flops are washing up on beaches all around the world because almost half the world’s population wear flip flops and they break easily. 3 billion people out of 7 billion people on earth have a pair of flip flops.
  4. Why do so many people wear them? Well that’s an easy one…. they are the most affordable form of shoe – cheap as chips in fact!
  5. Why do they end up in the ocean? Well flip flops are worn a lot in poorer countries where they don’t have great systems for dealing with rubbish. When they break people leave them in the streets. Then the rains come and they take off like boats and end up in the rivers. From there it’s a just short trip out to the sea.
  6. Why do we collect them? Well, flip flops are made of a plastic called EVA and over time they break down into smaller pieces. By taking these flip flops out of the sea we are helping wildlife. Sea creatures try to eat the small pieces otherwise and turtles can’t lay their eggs on beaches covered in rubbish!
  7. Ocean Sole organise larger monthly beach cleans and give 10% of all proceeds to other marine charities. By buying a sculpture you are helping lots of good causes.
  8. As a result of the money we make by selling the sculptures we can pay people who live by the sea to collect the flip flops. That’s good for them and for the sea.
  9. We are also able to provide full time employment to 90 artists who might otherwise be carving wood which is bad for the forests.
  10. We make big sculptures like the ones you see in the photos below. We once made a life sized minke whale for the United Nations Education Project! It was hollow and children could go inside and learn about the marine environment inside a plastic whale… pretty cool eh!
  11. It is estimated that 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean each year. We need to clean it up and stop putting it in the ocean in the first place. The best thing we can all do to help achieve that is avoid single use plastics like plastic bags, plastic straws and balloons.

Lastly, please tell your kids not to worry about this – there’s too much worry in the world! We’ve simply been getting it wrong for a while and we can sort it out. If we all do our bit by refusing plastic whenever we can and support organisations that do work cleaning it all up, we’ll have clean seas again! First steps – say no to plastic bags, straws and balloons (especially the helium ones).

p.s. There are a couple of pictures of celebrities who rather like Ocean Sole below. Do your kids know who they are I wonder? 😉

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